Shelby Knox post on The Huffington PostSpeaking of POV flashbacks and film updates, I finally got the chance to check out a link that fellow staffer Eliza Licht sent around the office a couple weeks ago. Shelby Knox, the central character in The Education of Shelby Knox (POV 2005), recently became a blogger for the Huffington Post. Her beat, not surprisingly, is “sex education, women’s rights and youth empowerment.”

Since 2005, Shelby has graduated from college and traveled the country, speaking to young people at screenings of the film about her view that comprehensive sex education is what’s needed in America’s high schools. Over at the Huffington Post, she’s been logging about one post a month. If you are a fan of the film, or are interested in this issue, I’d recommend it. She continues to be a young woman worth watching.

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