Can’t wait to see A.J. Schnack’s new film based on more than 25 hours of audiotape from interviews journalist Michael Azzerad conducted with Kurt Cobain shortly before he committed suicide in April 1994. Here’s the trailer from YouTube.

There’s a good interview with Schnack about the film on IndieWire this week that calls the film “the closest thing to an autobiography by the former Nirvana lead singer as possible.”

Schnack says that one of the reasons he made the film was because his then-13-year-old nephew was starting to get interested in Nirvana, and Schnack realized that:

“Kurt was always going to be this guy who was clouded by controversies of heroin addiction, a famous wife, endless speculations and conspiracy theories of his death. And I thought about this and it seemed almost bizarre that the Kurt Cobain all of us were introduced to had none of these things hanging from him. So the idea of stripping away everything that the audience could hold on to–the flannel, the cardigans, the performance footage, the bad early ’90s videotape archival footage–became very important to me.” link

The audio interviews have never been heard publicly before. Michael Azerrad, the interviewer who went on to write a biography about Cobain entitled “Come as You Are” said he couldn’t bring himself to listen to the tapes until only a few years ago himself. Azerrad is also a co-producer of the film. link

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