Big Men

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Take Action

Convene a business ethics roundtable to discuss issues raised in the film about rights to mineral resources and balancing return on investment with return to the citizens who own the resources.

Learn more about U.S. regulations and current legislation around transparency (such as the Dodd-Frank Act). Host a discussion group and write to local and/or federal officials to voice your opinions. For information on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Dodd-Frank Act and more, visit

Investigate and report on how Ghana has used the money generated by oil drilling. Discuss whether or not Ghana could offer a model of good government for other developing nations seeking foreign investment.

Start a campaign to ensure that high school and college level business programs/departments in your region require students to learn about the requirements, goals and history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Research the status of U.S. government subsidies for "big oil."" Share your findings with your community and make recommendations to your elected officials about what should happen to those subsidies.

Investigate how oil and gas production is managed in your community by writing to state legislators and energy officials. What are the environmental regulations, business rules and tax rates that govern energy production, such as hydraulic fracturing or offshore production, in your area? How are any fees or taxes used? Do they go into general or specific funds?