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Digital Premiere: June 28, 2010

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Past Films

a.k.a. Don Bonus (1996)
By Spencer Nakasako and Sokly Don Bonus Ny
A raw and revealing video diary by a Cambodian-born teenager who turns the camera on himself. Under the guidance of veteran filmmaker Spencer Nakasako, Sokly Don Bonus Ny offers a stark look at coming of age in San Francisco's inner city where he confronts the reality of the American Dream.

Available July 16, 2013-July 14, 2014

Kelly Loves Tony (1998)
By Spencer Nakasako
She's a straight-A student; he's trying to leave gang life behind. A camcorder becomes both witness and confidante for these markedly singular yet utterly typical teens as they self-document the trials of growing up too fast and too soon in urban America.

Available July 16, 2013-July 14, 2014

Scout's Honor (2001)
By Tom Shepard
Witness how a 12-year-old Boy Scout named Steven Cozza launches a campaign to overturn the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policy. From Petaluma, California to the Supreme Court, the film chronicles a modern interpretation of the scouting ideals of courage and honor.

Available March 18, 2013-March 18, 2014

In the Family (2008)
By Joanna Rudnick
How much would you sacrifice to survive? When Chicago filmmaker Joanna Rudnick tested positive for the "breast cancer gene" at age 27, she knew the information could save her life, but she didn't know what to do about it.

Available April 5, 2013-May 15, 2013; June 13, 2013-July 13, 2013

Where the Heart Roams (1991)
By George Csicsery
Romance novels comprise nearly half the paperback books sold in America. Chiffon-shrouded, jewel-laden, flower-bedecked Barbara Cartland has written hundreds of them. And filmmaker George Csicsery has given his heart to this fascinating subculture where all the women are beautiful, all the men are mysterious and all the endings are happy.

Available July 13, 2012-July 13, 2013

A Perfect Candidate (1997)
By R.J. Cutler and David Van Taylor
What does it take to be a perfect candidate in a cynical age? A Perfect Candidate is an up-to-the-minute critique of our campaign process -- and a twisted journey into the underbelly of american politics.

Available November 2, 2012-May 2, 2013

The Uprising of '34 (1995)
By George Stoney, Judith Helfand and Susanne Rostock
Textile workers recall with pride the long- suppressed story of the General Textile Strike of 1934 when 500,000 Southern mill laborers walked off their jobs.

Available August 6, 2012-October 4 2012

American Gypsy (2000)
By Jasmine Dellal
There are over one million Gypsies living in America today, and most people don't know anything about them. It is one man's obsessive pursuit of justice and dignity that led filmmaker Jasmine Dellal into their hidden thousand-year-old culture. Charming and outspoken, Spokane resident Jimmy Marks defies widely held stereotypes-and his own people's code of secrecy-to unlock a Romani world in America and tell a story which is at once humorous and poignant and speaks of the community's continuing persecution. (70 minutes)
Available May 26, 2012-July 24, 2012

American Tongues (1988)
By Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker
Rich in humor and regional color, this 1998 classic is sometimes hilarious film uses the prism of language to reveal our attitudes about the way other people speak. From Boston Brahmins to Black Louisiana teenagers, from Texas cowboys to New York professionals, American Tongues elicits funny, perceptive, sometimes shocking, and always telling comments on American English in all its diversity. (60 minutes)
Available Aug. 1, 2010-Aug. 1, 2011; May 16, 2012-July 15, 2012

Intimate Stranger
Alan Berliner puts his late grandfather, Joseph Cassuto, at the center of a personal, single-family saga that shines a light into the silent, shadowy corners that are present in all families. When the film premiered at the New York Film Festival, The New York Times called it "a rich, tumultuous portrait of family life with a powerful, bittersweet universality." (60 minutes)
Available Jan. 10, 2011-Feb. 24, 2011

Girls Like Us
Four years in the lives of four teenage girls from South Philadelphia: Raelene tackles parenting, Anna struggles with sexuality, De'Yona grapples with loss and Lisa wrestles with relationships. (53 minutes)
Available Nov. 17, 2010-Dec. 17, 2010

The Sweetest Sound
What's in a name? Names are the opening words to our life stories. With intimacy, humor and his own inimitable style, Alan Berliner dives headfirst into the American name pool in search of the treasures and traps hidden in names -- especially his own. The Sweetest Sound starts out as a search for identity, transforms into a meditation on mortality, leaving a keen sense of the power and mystery embedded in every name. (60 minutes)
Available Feb. 1, 2011-March 18, 2011

The Education of Shelby Knox (2005)
By Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt
A self-described "good Southern Baptist girl," Shelby Knox herself has pledged abstinence until marriage. When she finds that Lubbock has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the state, and her county's high schools teach abstinence as the only safe sex, she becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex education, profoundly changing her political and spiritual views along the way. "I think that God wants you to question," Shelby says, "to do more than just blindly be a follower, because he can't use blind followers. He can use people like me who realize there's more in the world that can be done." Here is a story for our times, where the combustible mix of politics, family and faith aren't as predictable as the red state/blue state divide would suggest. (80 minutes)
Available March 1, 2011-April 30, 2011

Señorita Extraviada (2002)
By Lourdes Portillo
Someone is killing the young women of Juárez, Mexico. Since 1993, over 270 young women have been raped and murdered in a chillingly consistent and brazen manner. Authorities ignore pleas for justice from the victims' families and the crimes go unpunished. Most disturbingly, evidence of government complicity remains ininvestigated as the killings continue to this day. Crafting a film that is both a poetic meditation and a mystery, Lourdes Portillo's Señorita Extraviada is a haunting investigation into an unspeakable crime wave amid the disorders and corruption of one of the biggest border towns in the world.
(75 minutes)
Available April 1, 2011-May 31-2011