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Digital Premiere: June 28, 2010

2010 Filmmaker Interviews

Alan Berliner

Season 2 - The Family Album
Premiered on POV: July 30, 1989

Season 5 - Intimate Stranger
Premiered on POV: June 22, 1992

Season 10 - Nobody's Business
Premiered on POV: June 3, 1997

Season 14 - The Sweetest Sound
Premiered on POV: June 26, 2001

Alan Berliner
's uncanny ability to combine experimental cinema, artistic purpose and popular appeal in compelling film essays has made him one of America's most acclaimed independent filmmakers. His award-winning documentary films, Nobody's Business, Intimate Stranger, and The Family Album (all featured on POV) have been broadcast all over the world and have been honored at top international film festivals. In this interview, Berliner talks with POV Series Producer Yance Ford about the meaning of family, and the importance of collage and serendipity in his work.


The Sweetest Sound
Filmmaker Interview: Alan Berliner (2001)
In his film, The Sweetest Sound, Alan Berliner investigates the meaning of names in relation to our identity and those around us. Berliner talks about the making of the film and what inspired him to use his own name as a working example of the relationship between a person's identity and their name. (1 minute) Watch now »


The Sweetest Sound
What's in a name? Names are the opening words to our life stories. With intimacy, humor and his own inimitable style, Alan Berliner dives headfirst into the American name pool in search of the treasures and traps hidden in names -- especially his own. (60 minutes) Watch now »