Behind the Lens

Digital Premiere: June 28, 2010

2010 Filmmaker Interviews


Marc Weiss
Series creator Marc Weiss describes why he created the POV series on PBS, highlighting the difference between journalism and filmmaking and why there is a need for both in society.Watch now »


Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker (l-r)Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker
For over 35 years, Alvarez and Kolker have produced critically praised documentaries for their production companies, Kingfish Productions and The Center for New American Media. (15 minutes) Watch now »


Alan BerlinerAlan Berliner
Berliner's uncanny ability to combine experimental cinema, artistic purpose and popular appeal in compelling film essays has made him one of America's most acclaimed independent filmmakers. Berliner talks about his work, the meaning of family and the importance of serendipity. (22 minutes) Watch now »


Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. WagnerTina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner
Their collaboration began at Stanford University's masters film program, where DiFeliciantonio made her directing debut with the student Oscar-winning Living With AIDS, which was one the first films on the subject to be nationally broadcast on PBS in 1988. (15 minutes) Watch now »


Rose Rosenblatt and Marion Lipshutz (2010)Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt
This filmmaking team has produced two POV films, including The Education the Shelby Knox (POV 2005) and Live Free or Die (POV 2000). In this interview, the filmmakers talk about feminism and film, their collaborative filmmaking process and share their advice with young filmmakers. Watch now »


Freida Lee MockFreida Lee Mock
Freida Lee Mock is an Academy and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who won the Oscar for the feature documentary Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, which premiered on POV in 1996. Mock talks about her motivations and her process and what she thinks makes a good character. (14 minutes) Watch now »


Lourdes PortilloLourdes Portillo
Always in pursuit of affirming the image and stories of Hispanic culture, crisis and identity, Lourdes Portillo has made metaphorical and poetic documentaries such as Las Madres, Corpus and Señorita Extraviada (all POV films). Portillo talks about women's stories, Hispanic culture and the influence of documentary. (15 minutes) Watch now »


Judith HelfandJudith Helfand
Emotional and honest, Judith Helfand's documentaries inspire her audiences to get involved with social issues. Helfand discusses her career making and producing films, what inspired her to become a documentary filmmaker and what she finds compelling about telling personal stories on film. (20 minutes) Watch now »


George StoneyGeorge Stoney
Documentary legend George Stoney talks with one of his collaborators about why he collaborates on docs, what first brought him to the genre, and why he keeps making films. Commonly called a filmmaker activist, Stoney responds to the title as well as the role of the documentary filmmaker in the context of society. (20 minutes) Watch now »


Shari RobertsonMichael Camerini and Shari Robertson
Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson, two documentary filmmakers whose work has shown multiple times on POV, reflect on what first got them into the game, why they enjoy filmmaking, and how they adjust their filmmaking process with each production.(20 minutes) Watch now »


Richard Wormser and Bill Jersey
Iconic filmmakers Richard Wormser and Bill Jersey take a look back at their careers as documentarians and the role of the documentarian in society.Watch now »


Documenting Power: 25 Years of Political Films on POV
How have documentaries changed our conception of politics? Throughout its illustrious history POV has been committed to dissecting political issues and illuminating the electoral process. At the Paley Center for Media, filmmakers Marshall Curry, Shola Lynch, Laura Poitras and Marco Williams, along with critic Caryn James, discussed how to cover the politcal system and gain access to it.Watch now »