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Digital Premiere: June 28, 2010


Since launching our series on PBS in 1988, POV has presented over 300 films that include a mix of artistic styles, voices and formats by a diverse range of filmmakers who push the boundaries of the documentary genre. Over the years, POV has featured on-camera interviews with filmmakers about their artistic choices, the challenges and inspirations for their work, and the technical advances that have changed the filmmaking process. As a result, we've amassed an extensive archive of interviews with some of the most influential documentary filmmakers, including: Alan Berliner (Intimate Stranger, Nobody’s Business, The Sweetest Sound), Jonathan Demme (Cousin Bobby), Arthur Dong (Licensed to Kill, Family Fundamentals), Freida Lee Mock (Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, Tony Kushner: Wrestling with Angels), Lourdes Portillo (Las Madres: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Corpus: A Home Move for Selena, Señorita Extraviada), Fred Wiseman (High School), and Terry Zwigoff (Louie Bluie), among others.

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