Film Update

Filmmaker Agnès Varda talks about making The Beaches of Agnès and what it was like to act in her own film. She explains her approach to filmmaking, the influence of the surrealists on her work, combining narrative elements within her documentary work, and how she came to make this film as she approached her 80th birthday.

Other interviews about The Beaches of Agnès "Life's a Beach: Agnès Varda Tells Her Cinematic Tale"
Sara Scheiron interviews Varda about her life's work and collaborative filmmaking style, including her decisions to allow colleagues to critique her films while she is editing.

Interview: "Agnès Varda"
In March 2009, filmmaker Liza Béar interviews Varda at the French Embassy in New York about Varda's recent work as an installation artist, the definition of "gleaning," and how she persuaded Alain Resnais to edit her first film, La Pointe-Courte, for free.

The Believer: "Agnès Varda"
Varda's responses during a group interview at the Toronto Film Festival are compiled here. She talks about her hairstyle, her relationship with Jacques Demy, her definition of family and whether feminism has fallen out of fashion.

Frieze Foundation: "A Talk: Agnès Varda."
Frieze Magazine presents the audio of a talk given by Agnès Varda at the 2009 Frieze Art Fair. Also available as a downloadable MP3 file.

Awards for The Beaches of Agnès

2010 National Society of Film Critics, USA, Award for Best Non-Fiction Film
2010 Chlotrudis Award for Best Documentary
2009 César Award for Best Documentary
2009 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film
2009 Étoile d'Or Award for Best Documentary