Filmmaker Interview

Anne Makepeace

Makepeace: Truth is far more bizarre and far more fascinating than anything you can make up. I mean, I couldn't have written most of the scenes in my movie. And I was constantly surprised by what people did... Now, there's so many choices. You can have same-sex parents, you can have kids until you're — a woman can have a child until they're sixty with the various medical procedures that are available. You know, multiple wives. And there are all these permutations of family that could never have been imagined in our parents' generation, that we're all trying to, you know — well, that are happening in my own family — and that we're all sort of trying to figure out how to make that work. As the story became larger in my mind, as I realized this cast of characters that I could include in the story, it took hold, and I became obsessed as you must become obsessed in order to make a film. And didn't let go until — well, I haven't let go yet!