Art and Craft

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Directed by
Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman

Co-Directed by
Mark Becker

Produced by
Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman

Cinematography by
Sam Cullman

Edited by
Mark Becker

Executive Producers
Lisa Kleiner Chanoff
Bonni Cohen

Executive Producers
Christopher Clements
Julie Goldman
Carolyn Hepburn

Co-Executive Producers
Cathy Greenwold
Thomas Campbell Jackson

Music Composed by
Stephen Ulrich

Mark Landis
Matthew Leininger
Aaron Cowan

Also Featuring
Jill Chancey
Donna English
John Gapper
Patty Hall
Sandra Holifield
Katie Leininger
Ellen Ruffin
Mark Tullos
Chris Watkins
Robert K. Wittman

Creative Consultant
Richard Hankin

Assistant Editor
Richard Miron

Additional Cinematography
Michael DeGrazier
Pete Ohs
Michael JC "Woo" Wooten

Production Sound
Sam Cullman
Jennifer Grausman

Additional Production Sound
Chris Beaudry
Mark LeBlanc
Chris Valentine

Production Assistants
Brian Lierer
Ed Pick
Kyle Tieman

Motion Graphics & Design
Joe Posner
Peter Haas
Will Cox

Still Photography
Sam Cullman

Crowdfunding Producer
Vann Alexandra Daly

Post-Production Assistants
Cat Tyc
Jason Yi

Additional Assistant Editors
Matt McBrayer
Vincent Welch

Re-Recording Mixer
Dominick Tavella

Supervising Sound Editor
Craig Kyllonen

FX Editor
Jacob Ribicoff

Paul Tyrone

Post-Production Sound Facility Coordinator
Maegan Hayward

Post Production Sound Facility
Soundtrack, New York

Digital Intermediate Colorist
Will Cox

Digital Intermediate Online Editor
Sandy Patch

Digital Intermediate Producer
Caitlin Tartaro

Post Production Services
Final Frame

Music Editor
Nick Stumpf

Score Producer and Engineer
Dean Sharenow

Peter Hess

Music Consultant
Joe Rudge

Stephen Ulrich - guitar
Mick Rossi - keyboards
Peter Hess - reeds
Dean Sharenow - drums
Andrew Hall - bass
Jean Cook - viola
Emily Hope Price - cello
Justin Mullens - trumpet
John Carlson - trumpet
Tim Vaughn - trombone

Additional arrangement, keyboards, and percussion by Nick Stumpf


"Prelude in C-Sharp Minor Op. 3 No. 2"
Composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff
c. 1892

"Symphony No.6 in B Minor Op. 74 - Pathétique"
Composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

"You're Only Lonely"
Written and Performed by J.D. Souther
© 1979 Columbia Records

"Dog of Flanders"
Directed by James B. Clark
© 1959 20th Century Fox

Directed by Ronald Neame
© 1966 Universal Pictures

"The Roaring Twenties"
Directed by Raoul Walsh
© 1939 Warner Brothers

"Charlie Chan's Secret"
Directed by Gordon Wiles
© 1936 Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

Directed by Robert Cannon
© 1952 United Productions of America

"Fake Masterpieces"
Local News 12
WKRC-TV Cincinnati

"The Outer Limits"
United Artists Television, ABC, 1963-1965

"The Saint"
Season 5, episode 1, "The Queen's Ransom"
© 1966 Bamore, ITC

"Father Brown"
Season 1, episodes 1, 3, & 6
© 1974 Associated Television

"I Love Lucy"
Desilu Productions, 1951-1957
© CBS Broadcasting Inc.

"Little House on the Prairie"
Ed Friendly Productions, NBC, 1974-1983

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
MTM Enterprises, CBS, 1970-1977


Birmingham Museum of Art
Photo credit: M. Sean Pathasema

Menninger Foundation Postcard,
C.F. Menninger Memorial Hospital

Menninger Children's Clinic Photograph,
Menninger Foundation

Financial Times
Article by John Gapper
Photographs by Whitney Curtis
January 22/23, 2011

Art Newspaper
Article by Helen Stoilas
November 2010

The New York Times
"Elusive Forger, Giving But Never Stealing"
Written by Randy Kennedy
January 11, 2011

"Art Forger Mark Landis"
Photographs by Meggan Haller
January 4, 2012

Le Point
Article by Héléne Vissiére
April 21, 2011

New Orleans Magazine
"Not in it for the Money"
Photographs by Whitney Curtis
October 2012

The film includes Mark Landis' copies of the following:

Self Portrait
Milton Avery, 1963

Margot in a Ruffled Bonnet (No. 4)
Mary Cassatt, c. 1903 - 1904

On the Beach, Lake Erie
Charles Courtney Curran, 1894

Three Women
Charles Courtney Curran, 1894

Houses Along a Canal
Stuart Davis, c. 1914 - 1918

Drawing of a Girl
Robert Henri, c. 1900

Portrait of a Young Girl
Marie Laurencin, c. 1935

Self Portrait
Marie Laurencin, c. 1950

Terrassiers, au Trocadero
Stanislas Lépine, c. 1890

Head of a Sioux
Alfred Jacob Miller, c. 1858 -1860

Estudio de Tres Mujeres Desnudas
José Clemente Orozco, 1915

Portrait de Lola. Soeur de l'artiste
Pablo Picasso, 1901

Nymph on the Rocks
Everett Shinn, 1900

Tugboat and Barge in Samois
Paul Signac, c. 1900

Etudes de Femme Assise
Louis Valtat, c. 1900

A Woman Lying on a Chaise Lounge
Jean-Antoine Watteau, c. 1719

It was impossible to identify all of the artworks and archival works that appear in the film and the filmmakers regret that some are therefore not included in this list.

Mark Landis did not successfully dupe all of the museums he approached. Some mentioned in the film declined his donations.

Production, Distribution Sales Legal and Advisory Services
Marc H. Simon
David Ashley
Simon Pulman

Additional Legal Services
Karen Shatzkin

Melvin Ginsberg

Production Insurance
Ventura Insurance Brokerage

E&O Insurance
Reiff & Associates

Fiscal Sponsor
Meteor Films

Menninger Photograph Research
Robert J. Keckeisen
Nancy Sherbert, Kansas State Historical Society

Post-Production Interns
Sarah Maloney
Katie Peterson

Outreach Intern
Lola Dinizio
Lauren Elizabeth Graham
Megan Irving
Daniela Mayer

Website by
Jonathan Rayson

Funding provided by:
Catapult Film Fund ($80K)
Susan and Richard Grausman ($29,500)
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program ($25K)
New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature ($25K)
Jerome Foundation ($15K)
Tribeca Film Institute Documentary Fund ($15K)
Candescent Films ($10K)
Deborah and William Ryan ($6,500)
Bear Charitable Foundation ($5K)
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Foundation Inc. ($5K)
Barbara Slifka ($5K)
Elissa and Edgar M. Cullman, Jr. ($3,500)
Deborah Grausman ($3,000)
Therese Bernbach ($2,500)
Lucy and Mike Danziger ($2,500)
Abby and Howard Milstein ($2,500)
Joyce and Robert Kleiner ($2,500)
Carolyn Sicher and Aaron Woolf ($1,500)
Kelly and Louis Gave ($1,200)
Georgina Cullman and Christopher Berry ($1K)
Louise Hirschfeld Cullman ($1K)
Wynne and Philippe Comer ($1K)
Susan Cullman and John Kirby ($1K)
Betty and Rodger Hess ($1K)
Barbara and Thomas C. Israel ($1K)
Berkley Johnson ($1K)
Leslie and Stephen Jerome ($1K)
Rebecca Stewart Ledley and Charlie Ledley ($1K)
Lorie and Charles Levy ($1K)
Terence Meehan ($1K)
Ameline Pappas ($1K)
Lauren and Clement Pappas ($1K)
Bonnie and Tom Strauss ($1K)
Barbara and Donald Tober ($1K)
Katie and Heath Watkin ($1K)
Judith and Stanley Zabar ($1K)
Nina and Tim Zagat ($1K)
Marlene Hess and James D. Zirin ($1K)

And others -- a complete list of funders is available at PBS.

Special Thanks

Sam Connelly (advisor and emotional support)
Purva Panday Cullman and Savitri Cullman (advisor and emotional support)
Trip Cullman (advisor and KS video help)
Creative Capital (gave outreach and fundraising advise)
Crown Prints (gave us free printing services for KS fulfillment)
Gaby Darbyshire (introduced us to John Gapper)
Nicolette D'Atelis (introduced us to a Co-EP)
Tony Felzen (connected the directors and gave us outreach advise)
Financial Times (gave us John Gapper who found Mark Landis)
Ryan Harrington (early champion and adviser of the film, pitched with us at IDFA)
The IDFA Forum
Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)
Tabitha Jackson (important champion and adviser of the project)
Myna Joseph (advisor)
Taylor Krauss (gave us free equipment)
Jennifer Leininger (Subject's wife - helpful to production)
Colette Loll (helped advise and champion Mark Landis in wake of the film's release)
Nadine Maleh, Violet Becker and Harlie Becker (family)
Mixed Greens (gave us free space for Tribeca premiere)
Natalie Mooallem (early champion and advisor)
Pine Belt Mental Health
Center (allowed us crucial access and insight)
Rodney Robinson (helped navigate Mark Landis issues in town)
Jose Rodriguez (early champion and adviser of the project)
Romy Simpson (subject who was cut and who helped Mark Landis in post- exhibition stage of film)
Rahdi Taylor (important champion and adviser of the project)
Lynn True and Nelson Walker (helped us with KS video and were imp advisers)
Paul Sturtz and David Wilson (important champion and adviser of the project)

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Co-Executive Producer for American Documentary/POV: Cynthia Lopez

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