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Debate the War in Afghanistan and Peacekeeping in Modern Diplomacy

Young Danish soldiers combat the Taliban in the name of peacekeeping and humanitarianism in Armadillo. However, in wartime, when one doesn't know who could be an enemy, official rhetoric about helping civilians is too often met with the unforgiving reality of being a foreign occupier. Use the film Armadillo to examine masculinity, foreign policy and peacekeeping in modern-day conflicts.

  • Host a debate on the advisability of pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Ask panelists how the content of Armadillo informs their views.
  • Use the film to kick off a speak-out for veterans to share stories about their military service.
  • Convene a joint youth/adult study circle to look at rites of passage into adulthood. Show the film to spark conversations about the role that military service has played in defining manhood.
  • Hold a panel discussion on the meaning of the term "peacekeeping" in modern diplomacy. Invite panelists to reflect on the connection between humanitarian and peacekeeping missions and the experiences of the soldiers stationed at Armadillo. Use what you learn about the capacity of military units to conduct humanitarian missions to examine the demands that your government makes on its military.