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Interactive Map

FOB Armadillo: Interactive Map

Explore Forward Operating Base Armadillo and its surrounding area in Afghanistan's Gereshk Valley — with images and video — as it was in 2009, during the events of the war documentary 'Armadillo'.

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  • Click a pin for information about Purple Home FOB Armadillo, Red BaseBlue Base other bases, Blue Base towns and Blue Pin other points of interest.
  • Click and drag to adjust the map.
  • Zoom out to view other major bases in the vicinity.
  • Want to start over? Reset the map.

Sources: Armadillo,, Joint Command of the Danish Armed Forces, Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, UK Ministry of Defence, Per Junker Thiesgaard

Icons by Nicolas Mollet (Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA)

Note: Video in the map includes a number of clips embedded from YouTube. These videos were not produced by POV, PBS or the filmmakers of Armadillo.