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Dictionary definition: Freedom

How would you describe America in three words?

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9c9xi, abbrasive, abrogating, absurd, abundance, abused, acquisitive, active, adaptation, adrian, advance, advanced, advancement, advantageous, adversarial, affluent, afraid, aggresive, aggressive, airheads, alienated, alienating, alive, all, all you can eat, alone, alternative, always, amazing, ambitious, america, american dreamers, american flag, annoying, antagonsitic, anti god, apathetic, apple pie, area, aristocratic, arrogance, arrogant, artificial, asleep, aspiring, attention, atttention deficit disordered, authoritarian, available, average, awesome, baby, backward, bad, bang, bankrupt, barack, barbaric, baseball, beautiful, beautious, beauty, bellicose, belligerent, best, betrayed, better, biased, bible thumpers, big, bigger, biggest, blackberry curve clear skin, blend, blessed, blind, bling, bloated, bloodlust, boastful, boggling, bold, boring, bossy, bountiful, brad and angelina, brainwashed, brave, break, brilliant, broke, broken, brutal, bully, bureaucratic, bush, bushworld, business, busy, capitalism, capitalist, capitalistic, captive, care, caring, cash, catholic, caught, cautious, cavalier, celebrity, challenging, chance, change, changing, chaotic, cheeseburger, chicago, childish, choice, christian, citizenship, city, civilized, close minded, closing, clumsy, cocky, cohesive, cold, colorful, commercial, commercialized, committed, community, comotose, compassionate, competetive, competion, complacency, complacent, complex, complicated, compliments, conceited, confident, conflicted, confuse, confused, congested, conservative, conspicuous, constitution, consumed, consumer, consumerism, consumeristic, consuming, contact, contentious, continuation, continuum, contolling, contradictory, controlling, conundrum, conventinal beauty, cookout, cool, corporate, corporate oligarchy, corporatist, corporatocracy, correct, corrupt, cost of breitling watches, country, courage, couragous, crass, crazy, creative, criminal, crowded, crusaders, cultural, culturally profiling, cultured, curious, cute, cyberdown, cynical, dance, dangerous, dead, deaf, death, debt, debted, decadent, decay, deceitful, deceived, deceptive, declining, declining power, declining white privilege, dedication, defender, defiant, deficit, defunct, delectable, delicious, delightful, deluded, delusive, demanding, democracy, democratic, denial, dependant, desensitized, despot, destitute, determined, detroit, developing, devious, devoted, dignity, dirty, disappointing, disconnected, discriminating, discrimination, dishonest, disillusioned, disorder, disorderly, disrespectful, distracted, disturbed, diverse, diversity, divided, divisive, dominating, doomed, dope, doubleminded, dream, dreamers, driven, drugs, dubya, dubyaworld, dumb, duped, dynamic, e7xzgu, economics, economy, educated, education, effexor and tylonol, egocentric, egotistical, embarassment, embarrasing, empire, employment, empowering, endangered, energetic, energish, engaged, enterprise, enterprising, entitled, entitlement, entrepreneurial, equal, equality, ethnocentric, evil, exasperating, excellent, exceptional, exclusive, expansive, experienced, experiment, experimental, expression, failing, fairness, faith, faithful, fake, falling, false, family, fanatical, fans, fascism, fascismo, fascist, fast, fast food, faster, fastfood, fat, fearful, fickle, financial disaster, flat, flawed, football, forceful, forgetful, forgiving, fortunate, founders, fragile, fragmented, fredom, free, freedom, friendly, frightened, full of dreams, fun, fun loving, fundamentalist, funny, gangs, gangsta, generous, ghetto, gilded, giving, gluttonous, godly, gone, good, good hearted, good humored, governed by near facists, government, grassroots, great, greatest, greddy, greed, greedy, growing, growth, guilty, gullible, guns, happiness, happy, hard working, hardworking, hate, hateful, haters, heartbreaking, heaven, hedgemon, hedonistic, hegemon, helpful, helping, heterogeneous, hip hop, hipocrat, hispanic, hispanic college scholarship, hoealicous, hollywood, holy, home, homophobeic, honest, honesty, honor, hope, hopeful, hopless, hospitable, hot, hubris, huge, human, hungry, hurry up, hussein, hypcritical, hypnotized, hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocrites, hypocritical, i love chains, ice, ice cream, idea driven, idealistic, idealized, ignorance, ignorant, ignorant simple minded, ignorat, illiterate, immature, immigrant, immigrants, immoral, impatient, imperfect, imperial, imperialist, imperialistic, impetuous, important, imposing, imposter, impressionable, in danger, in debt, inactive, inarticulate, inattentive, incomplete, inconsiderate, incorrect, independant, independence, independent, indifferent, indivdulaity, individual, individualism, individualistic, individuality, indivisible, indolent, indulgent, industrious, ineffectual, inexperienced, influential, injustice, innocent, innovative, insightful, insistence, insolent, inspiration, insular, insulated, insuperable, integrity, intelligence, intelligent, intense, interesting, international, intolerant, intricate, intrusive, invasive, involved, inward looking, irresponsible, isolated, isolationist, jingoistic, judgmental, judicial, jungle, just, justice, juvenile, kid, killer, killers, kind, kindhearted, lame, land, land of opportunity, large, laugh, lawful, lazy, leader, leaders, leadership, learning, liar, liberal, liberty, lies, life, limitations, lincoln, lindsey, live, lively, lobbyists, loser, lost, loud, love, loving, loyal, loyalty, lucky, magical, mammon, mane, manipulated, manipulative, masquerade, masses, massive, materialism, materialistic, maturing, mcdonalds, mean, mean spirited, melee, melting pot, meltingpot, mendacious, mess, middle class fear, militaristic, military, military strong, minority ruled, misdirected, misguided, mish mashed, misinformed, mislead, misled, miss behaving, mistreated, misunderstood, mixed, mixed races, mixing pot, model, modern, modern roman empire, money, money hungry, moody, moral, motivated, motivatived, motor, motovation, multicultural, multinational, murdering, music, musical, myopic, mythical, mythologized, naive, narcissistic, narrow minded, narrowminded, nasty, nationalism, nationwide mutual car insurance, naughty, negative, neo fascist, neurotic, new, new aristocratic, nice, noble, noncommunal, nosey, nosy, not satisfied, nurturing, oasis, obama, obese, obesity, oblivious, obnoxouis, obsessive, oil, oil driven, oligarchy, omnipotent, omnipresent, open, open minded, opinion, opinionated, opportunistic, opportunity, oppression, oppressive, opprotunity, opra, opression, optimistic, options, opulent, orwellian, ostentatious, outgoing, over population, over rated, overindulgent, overtime, overweight, overzealous, ownership, packed, paradise, paranoia, paranoid, parasitic, parochial, passion, patriotic, patriotism, people, pepper spray tear gas, perfectionist, perfectionistic, perseverance, persistant, phat, pioneering, pitiful, plunderer, plutocracy, plutocratic, polarized, policies, politically cynical, polyglot, pompous, poor, pop culture, positive, possibilities, potential, poverty ridden, power, power hungry, powerful, prejudice, pretty, pride, prideful, prince, prison, private, privileged, proactive, problem, problematic, procedural, prodigal, prodigy, profound, progressive, promiscuous, promise, prosperous, protective, proud, provencial, puritanical, purpose, pushy, racial contract, racist, ranking, rash, rasism, raunchy, reactionary, reactive, realistic, reasonable, rebellious, rebelllious, recently, reckless, recyclemonsters, refreshing, reinventing, religious, religious freedom, renewal, repacious, repentent, repressive, republic, republican, resilience, resilient, resourceful, resourcefulness, respect, respectful, responsibility, revolutionary, rich, ridiculous, right now, rights, robin, roman empire like, romanticised, rudde, rude, safe, salor, sanctimonious, sanitized, scapegoat, scared, scary, secluded, secretive, secure, security, segregated, self absorbed, self assured, self centered, self important, self indulgent, self interested, self righteous, self serving, selfcentered, selfish, selfless, selflessness, sexy, shallow, shame, sheep, sheltered, shifting, short sighted, short term, sibutramine trial results, silly, simple, skank, slavery, slowest, small, smart, smile, smug, socialist, solipsistic, soul, split, spoiled, standfast, stars, starving, status, stay, stereotypical, strange, stratified, strength, stressed, stressful, strict, strings attached, strivers, strong, strong handed, strong willed, structural, struggle, stubborn, stuck up, stupid, stupidity, successful, sunny, super power, supercilious, superficial, superior, superlative, superpower, superstitous, supportive, supreme, surprising, survivalist, talented, technology, terminal, terrorists, theocracy, thief, thieves, tired, tniywt, together, tolerant, tolerence, too kind, too religious, totalitarian, tough, traditional, tragic, trapped, trashy, troubled, trustworthy, truth, trying, two faces, tyranny, tyrant, ubiquitous, ugly, unaccountable, unappreciative, unaware, unblessed, unbridled, unceremonious, uncivilized, unconsciously, uncultured, undereducated, underperforming, undisciplined, uneducated, unemployed, unenlightened, unequal, unethical, unfaif, unfair, unfathomable, ungrateful, unified, uninformed, unintelligent, uninterested, unipolar, unique, united, unity, unjust, unjustice, unjustly judged, unknowledgeable, unrealistric, unrealized, unsafe, unthoughtful, untrustworthy, unusual, unworldly, upset, used, useless, variability, variety, various, vast, victorious, violence, violent, vision, visionary, vital, voice, volatile, war, war monger, warlike, warm, warm hearted, warmonger, warmongers, warmongoring, warring, wasteful, weakened, wealth, wealthy, weapon, weary, weird, welcome, welcoming, well built, well intentioned, well meaning, whining, white, willing, winery, wite, wonder, wonderful, work in progress, workaholic, world police, worried, worry, wrong, xenophobic, young, younger, your the best, youth oriented, youthful, zealotry
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LIFE. LIBERTY. [Fill in the blank]
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We asked people from around the globe to tell us their three words. Find out what they said. (1:52 minutes)
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