Short Documentaries on Black Male Achievement

In December 2013, POV and the online video journalism studio Storyhunter asked filmmakers to pitch their stories about the achievements and challenges that America's young black males face. Three short documentaries were commissioned, and they are now premiering online to coincide with POV's broadcast of American Promise, on Monday, February 3, 2014.

Teaching Fatherhood

Filmmaker: Jessica Sherry (@waitforjohndoc)

In Milwaukee, Delvyn Crawford teaches men how to be responsible fathers in a community where two out of three children are raised by single parents.

The Jazz Ticket

Filmmakers: Noel True & Rob King (@little_pictures)

Vince Womack has built a high school jazz powerhouse that's helping kids from some of the toughest Los Angeles neighborhoods go to college.

A High School Behind Bars

Filmmakers: Annelise Wunderlich (@CorridorDoc) and Richard O'Connell

In San Francisco County Jail, Five Keys Charter School is trying to reduce recidivism rates by giving inmates a chance to earn a high school diploma.