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American Experience: Hawaii's Last Queen
This program profiles Lili'uokalani, the last monarch of Hawaii before the island's annexation to the U.S.

Hawaiian Culture
This site offers links to information about Hawaiian history, culture, language, myths, music, and dance.

Hawai'i Nation
Dedicated to Hawai'i's struggle for self-determination, this site features articles and policy statements, as well as related links.

Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty
Sponsored by Pacific Asia Council of Indigenous Peoples, this site offers links to articles on history and analysis of the Hawaiian independence movement.

Hawaiian Glossary
A glossary and audio files offer a primer on some basic Hawaiian terms.

Aloha on the Mainland

U.S. Census Bureau (PDF File)
View census figures for Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Populations as of 2000.

Visit this virtual gathering ground for people from all over the world to connect with other Hawaiians at heart through various list-servs, links and chat rooms. Find out about Hawaiian events on the mainland with their updated calendar.

Hawaiians Abroad
Hear about the circumstances that brought these Native Hawaiians to the mainland.



The Hula Pages
This website touts itself as the "gathering place for hula hearts that beat as one." The Hula Pages are a great resource to find out more about everything hula.

Hula, Hawai'i's Heart and Soul
Find out more about the history of hula and its revival in the 1970s as part of the Hawaiian renaissance that continues today.

The Hula Movement
In this article by Constance Hale, The Atlantic Monthly explores the emergence of hula halau on the Mainland. (2002)

Hula Festivals
Find out more about the Merrie Monarch Festival and other hula competitions.


Hawaiian language kumu (teacher) Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier promotes the learning and appreciation of the Hawaiian language through the study of various Hawaiian mele (songs).

Hawaiian Music Island
This site features an extensive collection of Hawaiian music, as well as a comprehensive listing of hula halau around the world and a great links page.

Huapala Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives
This site publishes lyrics and accompanying translations for a wide range of Hawaiian music, descriptions of Hawaiian musical instruments, and a guide to hula dance movements.

The Sounds of Hula
Listen to audio of selected verses from Kawika while reading the lyrics and translation of the chant. There is also a description of the musical instruments and the methods in which they are used to create a rhythmic beat for the hula dance.

Hula Halau

Academy of the Hawaiian Arts
Visit the site of Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu's halau.

Hula Halau 'o Lilinoe and Na Pua Me Kealoha
Visit the site of Sissy Kaio's halau.

Na Lei Hula i Ka Wekiu
Visit the site of Patrick Makuakane's halau.

Directory of Hawaiian Dance Schools in the U.S. & Worldwide
Find the nearest hula halau in your area.

Also on PBS and NPR Websites

American Experience: Hawaii's Last Queen
This program profiles Lili'uokalani, the last monarch of Hawaii before the island's annexation to the U.S.

Independent Lens: Heart of the Sea
Heart of the Sea is a portrait of Hawaii surf legend Rell Kapolioka'ehukai Sunn, who carved the way for women in a sport once dominated by men.

Nova: Hawaii - Born of Fire
This episode of Nova follows scientists who are studying the history of the volcanic islands of Hawaii and the special adaptations of plant and animal life that have developed there.

Skin Stories: The Art and Culture of the Polynesian Tattoo: Hawai'i
Like other Polynesians, the Hawaiian people imported their traditional tattoo art, known as kakau, to the islands. Learn more about this ancient art. (2003)

Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey
Centuries before European explorers ventured out onto the high seas, Polynesian wayfinders had sailed to every habitable island in the far corners of the Pacific. Find out more about the history and intricacies of wayfinding. (1999)

NPR/Radio Stories

All Things Considered: Documentary Tracks Hula's History
Hear Lisette Marie Flanary, co-producer of "American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawaii" talk about exploring the roots and meaning of hula.

Native America Calling
Filmmaker Lisette Marie Flanary and hula teacher Patrick Makuakane talk about hula and stereotypes on public radio's "Native America Calling" talk show. (Scroll down to August 1st).

Morning Edition: Nona Beamer: Hawaiian Elder
Hawaiian Public Radio's Heidi Chang reports on Nona Beamer, one of the last links to the art of Hawaiian storytelling, chant and traditional hula. Beamer is well known for her efforts to preserve Hawai'i's cultural heritage and for her unique knowledge of 242 different types of ancient hulas. (6:42 minutes, Jan. 5, 2000)

Morning Edition: Hawaiian Language
Marcie Sillman from member station KUOW reports on the teaching of Hawai'i's native language on the Hawaiian Islands. It is a practice that was banned for almost a century. Some Hawaiians say the language serves as a link to their Polynesian history. (7:18 minutes, May 30, 2002)

All Things Considered: Master's Degree in Hawaiian
Liane Hansen talks with Hiapo Perreira, the first person to get a master's degree in Hawaiian Language and Literature. His master's in a Native American language is the first in the country. Perreira wrote his master's thesis entirely in the Hawaiian language. The Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikolani College of Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawaii has had inquiries from other Native American language programs interested in using the program as a model. (3:11 minutes, May 23, 2002)

Morning Edition: HAPA
When we think of Hawaiian music, we think of hula dancing, Don Ho and Elvis' Blue Hawaii. Liane talks to HAPA, two "local" musicians who have created a new sound of contemporary island tunes. (11:26 minutes, Oct. 15, 2000)