All the Difference

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Filmmaker Statement

It only takes one generation to dramatically change the destiny of a family, and when families change, communities change. Robert Henderson and Krishaun Branch, the two young men who are the subjects of All the Difference, exemplify that change. It's important to remember that they made it to college not because they were academically exceptional. They made it because their mentors, teachers, academic advisers, family members and pastors believed in them and taught them to believe in themselves.

Robert and Krishaun had struggles in college and at times came close to dropping out, but the support they had made all the difference, and so they succeeded. If this type of very affordable support is made available to all young men growing up in the chaos and despair of poverty, we will see a whole new generation bring an end to that cycle of poverty. I think our country desperately needs to make this happen.

Tod Lending, Producer/Director/Cinematographer