All the Difference

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Film Update

An update from Robert Henderson and Krishaun Branch of All the Difference in September 2016:

What are you up to now? How is your family?
I'm still working at Urban Prep. My son is amazing, and he just got his first haircut (I have before and after pictures for anyone interested). My mother is doing well despite my grandma passing last December. Everyone else is doing well. In fact, four of my cousins have gone off to college. I also have quite a few younger friends from my neighborhood and Urban Prep now in college.

What have you learned since filming for the documentary ended?
Every time I see the film, I pick up something different. I want to tell the people to pay close attention to the film, because there are a lot of things in the film that seem insignificant but ended up having a lot of impact.

For example, I learned if I paid more attention to my grades and applied to more scholarships, I could've avoided these costly student loans. But I also realize I dress a lot better, talk a lot better, and carry myself more confidently, mostly because of these events and panels where I get to speak in front of audiences.

What do you look forward to now that the film has broadcast on PBS?
I'm glad to be back in Chicago -- I feel like I'm having an impact and will continue to do so with this film, even with all the crime and violence that's been going on.

So I'm looking forward to what's next with the film and continuing to share my story. And most importantly I look forward to just progressing as a man and being successful with my career.

What are you up to now? How is your family?
I'm enjoying the beautiful sights of Colorado, I'm doing a lot of tutoring and volunteering at the fire station in Louisville, Colorado, near Denver. Most of my tutoring involves math, science and history. Outside of these gigs, I've been hiking, climbing, and going to video game conferences. I recently placed fifth at one tournament and won a $2,000 prize. Unfortunately that went all to student loans.

Otherwise, my family is doing great. My grandmother just turned 88 this past June. They're really proud of me for this film and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity POV and PBS has given me.

What do you hope people learn from this film?
I really hope that when people watch this film, they see that it's not only my story and Krishaun's, but that it's theirs, or their neighbor's, or their friend's story. I hope that they learn from it and relate to it and become a better student and person.

Whats next for you?
I'm looking forward to teaching the next generation, to giving them the building blocks for a better education and having a bright future. I'm currently looking into studying and teaching in China and continuing my research from undergrad.