All the Difference

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College Bound Handbook, Facilitator's Guide and Family Tip Sheets

Achieve your college and career goals using resources and strategies that work! The All the Difference College Bound Handbook, Facilitator's Guide and Family Tip sheets feature 31 video clips challenge you with real-life college situations featuring Robert and Krishaun from the American Graduate film All the Difference.

    • For Students: An online, interactive College Bound Students Handbook introduced by Wes Moore and intended for first-generation students to use in their college prep and through their college careers. The handbook covers such topics as college selection, financial aid packages, time management, networking, academic majors and stumbling blocks. View the College Bound Students Handbook in full screen »
    • For Educators: An online, interactive Facilitator's Guide offers strategies and activities to use the film to start conversations with students and help them prepare for their college careers. View the College Bound Facilitator's Guide in full screen »
    • For Families and Caring Adults: Family Tip Sheets offer advice and tips on how to support students and prepare to send them off to college, covering everything from how to throw a trunk party, to financial aid, to what to expect for your college freshman. Download the Family Tip Sheets »