Filmmaker Bio

Judith HelfandJudith Helfand produced and directed with George Stoney The Uprising of '34, which aired on POV in 1995. This award winning documentary draws on the hidden history of the General Textile Strike of 1934 to explore class, race and power in the South today. With this film, Helfand developed a series of workshops that evolved into the nationwide "Labor to Neighbor" campaign. Building on this effort, Helfand is developing an education and outreach project for A Healthy Baby Girl designed to build alliances with others concerned about the issues raised in the film, ranging from consumer and health advocates to environmentalists. Helfand was also the associate producer for Frontline's Broken Minds and for Through the Wire, which aired on POV in 1990. She has produced video workshops with textile workers in the South and homeless mentally ill adults in New York. Prior to focusing on documentaries, Helfand worked for three years at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research as a production associate on the archival photo video-disc Peopleof a Thousand Towns: A Visual Encyclopedia of Jewish Eastern Europe 1865-1939.