This is My Family: The Winners!

Finalist 1

Band of Brothers -- I'm Alive

This is Belles-Silcock Family built through adoption. Our children have come from all over the world with many different life experiences, as well as, a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For some of our children, prior to joining our family they may have lived in hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages or group homes and our family is their first family.

This is our first attempt at a music video produced by Mark van Heerden ( The guys have been writing songs with our friend Dave Nachmanoff ( for the past 5 years and more recently with Mark. Due to the boys' learning and physical disabilities, Mark has been teaching a variety of instruments to each son individually. Although the boys have been playing for less than a year now, we are excited to see where their talent and perseverance will take them. Currently the family has three CDs out and one in progress. Check out our web site to learn more about the Family ( Enjoy!

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