Getting Back to Abnormal

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Take Action

Find groups that are continuing to aid in Katrina recovery efforts, especially in terms of working with low-income people who were displaced. Ask what you can do to help.

Examine the relationship between the demographics of your community and the composition of elected and appointed officials in your city. Present your findings at a town hall to discuss issues of representation. Which groups are well represented and which groups are left out? Invite historians to speak about the relationship between historical discrimination and current politics.

Investigate the rules governing residents in public housing where you live. Interview residents about their views of the rules, including any changes they would recommend. Work together to divide prospective changes into two categories: those that can be implemented directly by residents, and those that require government or agency action. Assist residents in implementing ideas from the first list and arrange to present the second list to elected officials and housing agency staff. If structures aren't already in place to involve residents in future rule making, work to implement more cooperative and inclusive rule-making procedures.

In the film, former city councilmember Oliver Thomas jokes, "We got a festival for everything but eliminating poverty." Create a festival for eliminating poverty.