Getting Back to Abnormal

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New Orleans Documentaries

Explore Getting Back to Abnormal filmmaker Paul Stekler's list of essential documentaries about New Orleans below, or read more in his history of documentary film in New Orleans.

TitleYearFilmmaker(s) / Producer(s)More Info / Watch
New Orleans Travelogue1940James A. FitzpatrickYouTube
The Children Were Watching1961Robert DrewThe New Yorker
Stranded in Canton1973William EgglestonYouTube
Black Indians of New Orleans1976Maurice MartinezYouTube
Cheap And Greasy1977Burwell Ware/NOVACVimeo
Changing The Channel: The Renovation Question1977Louis Alvarez & Andrew KolkerVimeo
Degas in New Orleans1977Gary GoldmanYouTube
Ain't Nobody's Business1978NOVACVimeo
Talking Crime1978Louis Alvarez & Andrew KolkerVimeo
Always for Pleasure1978Les BlankYouTube
This Cat Can Play Anything1978Stevenson Palfi, Eddie Kurtz and Andrew KolkerYouTube
The Clarks1979Louis Alvarez & Andrew KolkerVimeo
Up from the Cradle of Jazz1980Jason Berry/NOVACJason Berry Author
Hot Stuff: The Restaurants of New Orleans1980John BeyerPOV
Pete!1980John BeyerPOV
Yes Ma'am1982Gary GoldmanFilmakers
View from the Stoop1982Karen Snyder/NOVACNew Orleans Historical
The Ends of the Earth1982Louis Alvarez & Andrew KolkerYouTube
Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together1982Stevenson PalfiYouTube
The Men of LSU1982John BeyerYouTube
To the Best of Our Abilities1984Fred SchultzLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Yeah, You Rite!1984Louis Alvarez & Andrew KolkerYouTube
A House Divided1984Burrell WarePOV
Get Down Street Sound1984Neil AlexanderPOV
In that Number1985Jerry BrockLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Huey Long1985Ken BurnsPBS
Real New Orleans series1986Eddie KurtzVimeo
Which Governs Best1986Eddie KurtzVimeo
La Pharmacie Francais1986Robin KatchanPOV
The Chief: Louis Prima1986John BeyerPOV
Uncle Earl1986Rick Smith/LPBPOV
Among Brothers: Black Politics in New Orleans1987Paul SteklerVimeo
Gottschalk Festival: The Life and Music of Louis M. Gottschalk1987John HuszarLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
The Creole Controversy1987Karen Synder/WYESLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Mystery of the Purple Rose1989Peggy Scott LabordeLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Men of the Ring: Boxing Legends of New Orleans1989Kathleen Mulvihill/WLAELouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Red Beans and Ricely Yours: Satchmo in New Orleans1990Peggy Scott Laborde/WYESLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Backlash: Race and the American Dream1991Bess CarrickVimeo
Island of Saints and Souls1991Neil AlexanderFolklife in Louisiana
Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics1991Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker & Paul SteklerPOV
John McCrady's Southern Scene1992Matthew MartinezLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Greetings from Out There1993Ellen SpiroSpiro Films
He Must Have Something1994Steven TylerYouTube
New Orleans Jazz Funerals from the Inside1995David JonesCajun Market
Streetcar Stories1995Michael Mizell-NelsonPo Boy Festival
Journey for Justice: The A.P. Tureaud Story1996Rachel EmanuelLPB
New Orleans Voodoo from the Inside1996David JonesVoodoo Shop
Storyville: The Naked Dance1997Anne Craig & Maia HarrisITVS
Pushcarts and Plantations: Jewish Life in New Orleans1998Brian CohenWikipedia
He's the Prettiest: A Salute to Big Chief Allison "Tootie" Montana's 50 Years of Mardi Gras Indian Suiting1998Will HortonFolklife in Lousiana
Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening1998Tika LaudunPBS
Ruthie, The Duck Girl1999Rick DelaupBest of New Orleans
Degas in New Orleans: A Creole Sojourn1999David JonesDegas House
Irish in New Orleans1999Terri LandryLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Jazz2000Ken BurnsArtist Direct
The Danny Barker Show2001Matthew Martinez/WYESKurts Communications LLC
Italian New Orleans2001Terri LandryLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Fatal Flood2001Chana GazitPBS
Shalom Y'all2003Brian BainBrian Bain
Louisiana - A History2003Louisiana Public BroadcastingLPB
All on a Mardi Gras Day2003Royce Osborn/WYESSpyboy Pictures
The Quorum: Blacks, Creoles, and Whites Arrested for Socializing at a Coffee House2004Maurice MartinezDoor Knob Films/Youtube
German New Orleans2004Terri LandryLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
Desire2005Julie GustafsonVimeo
Hurricane Katrina: The Storm that Drowned a City2005Caroline Penry-Davey & Peter ChinnPBS
The Storm2005Martin SmithPBS
New Orleans is Sinking200560 Minutes, Scott PelleyYouTube
William Eggleston in the Real World2005Michael AlmereydaYouTube
American Creole: New Orleans Reunion2006Glen Pitre & Michelle BenoitCote Blanche Productions
C'est Levee2006Ellen ReynoldsVimeo
Jewish New Orleans2006Terri LandryLouisiana Endowment For The Humanities
When the Levees Broke2006Spike LeeYouTube
Hurricane on the Bayou2006Greg MacGillivray & Glen PitreYouTube
Too White to be Black, Too Black to be White: The New Orleans Creole2007Maurice MartinezDoor Knob Films
The Axe in the Attic2007Ed Pincus & Lucia SmallThe Axe in the Attic
New Orleans2007Steven IvesThirteen
Along Lake Pontchartrain2007Peggy Scott LabordeWYES
Reborn: New Orleans Schools2007Drea CooperYouTube
Tootie's Last Suit2007Lisa KatzmanYouTube
By Invitation Only2008Rebecca SnedekerBy Invitation Only
Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans2008Dawn Logsdon & Lolis Eric ElieYouTube
Trouble the Water2008Tia Lessin & Carl DealYouTube
Member of the Club2008Phoebe FergusonYouTube
A Village Called Versailles2009Leo ChiangITVS
The Old Man and the Storm2009June CrossPBS
The Yes Men Fix the World2009Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno & Kurt EngfehrYouTube
Mine2009Geralyn PezanoskiYouTube
Land of Opportunity2010Luisa DantasVimeo
If God is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise2010Spike LeeHBO
Lost Restaurants of New Orleans2010Peggy Scott LabordePeggy Scott Laborde
Race2010Katherine CecilRace The Documentary
The Big Uneasy2010Harry ShearerThe Big Uneasy
Walker Percy2010Win RileyWalker Percy
The Sons of Tennessee Williams2010Tim WolffYouTube
Mr. Cao Goes to Washington2011Leo ChiangMr. Cao Goes to Washington
New Orleans in the '50s2011Peggy Scott LabordeWYES
Bury the Hatchet2011Aaron WalkerYouTube
I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful2011Jonathan DemmeYouTube
Tchoupitoulas2013Bill & Turner RossThe New York Times
Rebel2013Maria Agui CarterRebel Documentary
Rebirth: New Orleans2013John MerrowRebirth: New Orleans
A Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas2013Jessy Cale WilliamsonVimeo
Bayou Maharajah2013Lily KeberVimeo
Tradition is a Temple: The Modern Masters of New Orleans2013Darren HoffmanYouTube
The Whole Gritty City2013Richard BarberYouTube
T-Galop2013Connie CastilleYouTube
Shell Shocked2013John RichieYouTube
Getting Back to Abnormal2014Louis Alvarez, Andy Kolker, Peter Odabashian & Paul SteklerYouTube