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5 Broken Cameras
The film's official website offers general information about the film, as well as insights from the filmmakers about the process of making the film. Visit 5 Broken Cameras on Facebook and Twitter.

Original Online Content on POV

To enhance the broadcast further, POV has produced an interactive website that enables viewers to explore the film in greater depth. The 5 Broken Cameras a streaming video trailer for the film; an interview with the filmmakers; a list of related websites, articles and books; a downloadable discussion guide; and special features.

Governmental Perspectives

The official website of Emad's village includes a timeline with links to relevant documents, maps and articles and calls to join actions aimed at ending the occupation.

Israel Defense Forces
The official website of Israel's military includes reports on events involving Palestinians through the military's perspective.

Palestinian National Authority
The Palestinian National Authority is recognized by the United Nations as the official representative of Palestinians. Its website (in Arabic) reports on current events from a Palestinian point of view.

U.S. Department of State 2011 Human Rights Report: Israel and the Occupied Territories
For the U.S. government perspective on Israeli jurisdiction in the Occupied Territories, see this most recent report on human rights. Additional information is scattered throughout the site. Search using terms such as "Israel," "Palestine," "Occupied Territories" or "Israeli settlements." To find speeches by President Obama related to the conflict, search similar terms at

International Law

The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
This searchable database from the Avalon Project at Yale University provides access to documents regarding law, history and diplomacy. The Hague and Geneva Conventions are relevant to the subject of the film.

The State of Israel: The Judicial Authority
The official website of Israel's court system offers a searchable database of decisions made by the country's Supreme Court and military courts, as well as information about the appointment of judges.

United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine
This site aggregates United Nations documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including key resolutions.

Human Rights

Amnesty International
This advocacy organization shares updates on current court cases, as well as comments, reports and briefs submitted to various authorities related to violations of human rights by Israelis and Palestinians.

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories advocates for human rights of Palestinians. The group's website includes news reports, eyewitness statements, statistics, maps and an extensive list of human rights organizations working on issues related to conflicts in the Middle East. Available in Hebrew and Arabic as well as English.

Human Rights Watch: Israel/Palestine
Press releases, testimony from observers in the territories and comprehensive reports provide a picture of life in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights
The site of this human rights ombudsman contains extensive information on Israeli and Palestinian abuses of human rights, including complaints filed, reports on investigations, U.N. actions and position statements, all from an international law perspective. Available in English and Arabic.

Stand With Us
The official website of Stand With Us, an Israeli education and advocacy organization, has a wealth of resources, including "Israel 101," a 44-page booklet on Israel and the conflict.

Understanding and Teaching about the Conflict

Churches for Middle East Peace
This coalition of churches and agencies from multiple Christian denominations provides informational and teaching resources related to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Council on Foreign Relations
This interactive multimedia timeline provides an overview of the conflict from a nonpartisan U.S. perspective. Links to key United Nations documents and reports on diplomatic efforts are provided. A transcript is available at

International Crisis Group
This conflict prevention organization has a website that features in-depth studies of issues such as Israeli settlements, including specific recommendations to each of the stakeholders about how tensions could be reduced or the conflict resolved.

Just Vision
Palestinians and Israelis team up in this organization to promote peace through nonviolent means. The group uses film to showcase the lives of community-based peace activists, and the website features a set of interviews with them.
Dedicated to presenting all sides of a conflict or issue, this website includes a range of articles and quotes and a timeline of land disputes between Palestinians and Israelis.