56 Up

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56 Up
The film's website offers information about the film and links to interviews with the filmmaker about this nearly 50-year-long project.

About the Film and Filmmaker
The Guardian: "56 Up: 'It's Like Having Another Family'" and The Telegraph: "Seven Up! Now We are 56"
This pair of articles from different points on the spectrum of the British press provide background on the series (including links to clips), as well as reflections on how Up has affected the lives of participants. It's worth scrolling through the comments on the articles to get a sense of British reaction to the series.

Hackwriters.com: "The Up Series Directed by Michael Apted"
This 2006 Dan Schneider review of the Up series offers comprehensive background.

On the Media: "The 'Up Series' at 56"
In 2012, the National Public Radio program On the Media conducted an interview with director Michael Apted and series "star" Tony. For comparison, see the On the Media interview about 49 Up: www.onthemedia.org/transcripts/2006/10/06/07

POV: 49 Up
The POV website for the previous film includes information on the series, as well as reading lists and a lesson plan.

The Treatment: "Michael Apted"
In this 2006 interview for KCRW radio, film critic Elvis Mitchell talks with Michael Apted about the Up series, marking time on film, the education system in the United Kingdom, and how the series has affected the Up participants.


Wikibooks: "Introduction to Sociology/Family"
This entry provides a general overview of the questions that social scientists examine when looking at the history of the family, childhood and the ways that societies organize themselves.

Childhoods Today
Wikibooks: "Introduction to Sociology/Family"
This open-source journal features articles that examine many of the issues that arise in the Up series.