56 Up

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Thanks To

The Greenwich Foundation For

The Old Royal Naval College Painted Hall

Music Video Produced By

Andrew Gillooley

Rik Curtis

Stuart Bedford

Director Of Photography

George Jesse Turner

Directory Of Photography (Australia)

Kathryn Milliss

Additional Photography

Jason Trench

Robert Murray

Vince Martin

Jonathan Chappell


Nick Steer

Sound (Australia)

Leo Sullivan

Additional Sound

Stephen Horwood

Matt Hopwood

Dougie Fairgreaves

Online Editors
Ian Brown

Daniel Ward

Neil Parker


Audio Dubbing

Tim Cockerill

Sam Handy

Production Coordinators

Amy Brown

Cort Kristensen

Jacki Turner

Production Secretary

Jo Lewis

Production Managers

Helen Houston

Laura Mccombie

Production Executive

Karen Stockton

7 Up

Directed By

Paul Almond

Michael Apted

Gordon Mcdougall

Executive Producer
Alexander Gardiner

Film Editor
Kim Horton

Produced By
Claire Lewis

Michael Apted

Directed By

Michael Apted

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