15 to Life

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Take Action

Only a few states currently ban life without parole sentences for juveniles, though many more are considering bans. Check the link under the "Get Involved" tab on the film's website (http://15tolifethefilm.com/legislative-reform/) to see what the status of juvenile sentencing law is in your state and plan actions based on what you find.

Crime victim Jennifer Norman wrote to Kenneth Young to let him know who she was and how his crime affected her life. Facilitate projects that help victims tell their stories, help young inmates understand the impact of their crimes and facilitate healing for everyone involved.

Follow up viewing with a study circle initiative in which small groups meet to read (or view) and discuss texts on racism and the American criminal justice system. The study circles might kick off their efforts by reading Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow. Consider creating an event where smaller study circles can come together to share what they have learned and brainstorm actions they might take in response.

Get involved with re-entry programs specifically designed for young people returning to your community after serving time in jail or prison.